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Kristen Hair Unicorn Hair Vitamins – 6 month

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Introducing the Kristen Hair Unicorn Hair vitamins for healthier hair. The first all-in-one, science-backed hair vitamin formulated specifically for women.

  • HAIR LOSS? GOODBYE: The Kristen Hair Unicorn can decrease or even stop hair loss.
  • HELLO LONG HAIR: The Kristen Hair Unicorn Vitamin can grow your hair 2-3 times faster, thanks to the 20 synergistic ingredients.
  • MORE THAN EVER: Your hair will be fuller because our unique formula can help grow baby hair.
  • HEALTHY NAILS: Weak, cracked and dry nails? Popular benefit of our complex formula is stronger, healthy nails.
  • BEAUTIFUL SKIN: The carefully selected ingredients support the beauty of your skin as well.
  • SUGAR-FREE: Unlike other gummy vitamins, the Kristen Hair unicorns are 100% sugar-free.
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