We’ve Cracked The Code On The 20 Best Natural Science-Backed Hair Growth Ingredients

Vitamin for longer stronger healthier hair and eyelash

Introducing The Kristen Hair ALL IN ONE Hair Vitamin For Longer, Stronger, Healthier hair

The TRUTH about how to grow longer hair

The secret to longer, stronger, shiny strands isn’t an expensive shampoo or fancy salon treatment— it’s all STARTS your diet! If you’ve been struggling with slow hair growth, hair breakage and excessive hair shedding, it may be time to review the foods you eat on a daily basis.

Scientific resources proved, that nutritional deficiency is one of the most common causes of hair problems among women.



The Kristen Hair Capsules can decrease or even stop hair loss.

Hello Long Hair

The Kristen Hair ALL IN ONE Vitamin can grow your hair 2-3 times faster, thanks to the 20 synergistic ingredients. 

Your hair will be fuller because our unique formula can help grow baby hair.

Healthy nails vitamins

Weak, cracked and dry nails? Popular benefit of our complex formula is stronger, healthy nails.

Beautiful skin

The carefully selected ingredients support the beauty of your skin as well.

Sugar Free

Unlike popular gummy vitamins, the Kristen Hair Capsules are 100% sugar-free.

Kristen Hair Vitamin Powered by Science
BioPerine Hair Vitamin
Hair Vitamin Powered by Science


THAT MEANS PROOF! EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 20 ingredients in the Kristen Hair ALL IN ONE Hair vitamin has a published scientific research article attesting to their effectiveness.
Our products create incredible results not because we say so, but because science says so. 

Kristen Hair Powered by Science


Customer reviews

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GABYVerified owner
this product is what I'm looking for years!! After 1 month of taking this pills I saw an amazing results!! My hair looks and feels softer and the massive amount of hair fall ,stop after one week of tanking the product. I'm in love! I will buying again! totally recommended!!
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RoseVerified owner
Great product. Thank you.
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Natalia RossVerified owner
These are amazing! In a few weeks my hair is noticeably thicker/ shinier and longer! ( I do have quick growing hair anyway). Shame there just not a bit cheaper!
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Kristen Hair All In One Hair Vitamins - 3 Month photo review
Adriana R.Verified owner
These vitamins saved me a from a dry and damaged hair.
My hair grew very hard and it broke pretty fast, so I searched for a vitamin complex, unfortunately they didn't contain either the right ingredients that I wanted or other gummy vitamins contained sugar.
I found Kristen hair, and being a pharmacist, I checked the ingredients and I fall in love immediately because it contains all the necessary hair vitamins in a single product.
I took 2 capsules a day and I've seen the improvement in short period of time. My hair grew much faster, it doesn't break anymore and has more glow and volume.
Thanks a lot Kristen Hair
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Patricia G.Verified owner
I read so many reviews about this product, good and bad, and decided to try it for myself. I have been using them for a month and have just ordered a second month's supply only because not only I, but my hairdresser has noticed new growth. I am trying to thicken and grow hair in a couple of areas where I lost hair due to a weave. The rest of my hair is very long. I will come back and give it another review in another month after I have been using this for sixty days.
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Kristen Hair All In One Hair Vitamins photo review
Kristen Hair All In One Hair Vitamins photo review
Kristen Hair All In One Hair Vitamins photo review
Jasmin BarryVerified owner
All I can say is, Kristen Hair is literally giving me my hair and confidence back... I had my first child over 3 years ago and immediately began to shed my hair like a waterfall. My past year has been incredibly stressful and what was once merely thinner hair, became noticeable scalp. I couldn't wear a ponytail without seeing my scalp and would cry every time I saw a photo of myself.
I tried everything down to changing my diet, taking a bazillion biotin, but it kept getting worse and the cherry was, my hair began to break and no matter what I used to wash/condition it-from high priced salon products to coconut oil-it was dry, frizzy unmanageable funk.
Within the first month of Kristen Hair vitamins my hair felt silky, had volume without effort, and began to grow. My nails stopped breaking, the ridges are growing out, and even my feet are softer.
I just purchased my second bottle and am amazed at all the new growth filling in the once sparse scalp desert... Even my eyebrows are filling in!!!
Totally addicted to this product-it works!
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TamaraVerified owner
I don't feel that I'm my hair line has changed at all have been taking the vitamins for two weeks now. So that's my take on this product.
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D. ScarryVerified owner
This is my 2nd instance of using Kristen Hair vitamins. Earlier this year I used them for about 3 months after my hair started breaking after relaxing and color . They helped my hair greatly. The breakage stopped and my hair started to become thicker and stronger. I stopped using for a long while because my hair had gotten back into a healthy state. Due to pressure problems, my hair again stared to break. I tried straight biotin and another brand of hair/skin vitamins, but they did nothing but break out my face. Since started the KH vitamins again, I can see the difference for the better. Thanks Kristen Hair. I won't switch again.
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KCVerified owner
I've used this product before and had great results. I told myself if I purchase this again in the future I would get more than one bottom to make sure I was fully stocked. Shipping and packaging was great no problems at all.
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Holly H.Verified owner
Great Product. You need at least 3 bottles to see a real difference.
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GinaVerified owner
Ok so I must say I am beyond impressed. I cut my hair so short about 6 months ago and have been unable to grow it back. I am currently on my second bottle (just started) and my hair has grown 3 inches!!! Its also much more manageable and hair fall and breakage is a thing of the past. Other reviews talk about acne as a side effect. This is true...even back acne which I have never suffered from. However, it isnt horrific and I would rather deal with a few breakouts so that I can get my hair to the length I desire. I dont drink enough water daily which might ease my acne if I was more consistent.
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KimVerified owner
I love these vitamins! I switched to a cheaper brand of vitamins just to see if I would get the same results, because these are a bit pricey, but I didn't get any hair growth after using them for 3 months... actually, I noticed hair loss. But these Kristen Hair vitamins are the truth! I usually can see nail growth results after 2 weeks, and significant hair growth after 6 weeks. No breakouts, acne or anything. I suggest drinking plenty of water though.
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How to choose the best hair vitamin

The first hair vitamin with BioPerine, which can increase nutrition absorption up to 30%

Weak nutrition absorption

20 science-backed ingredients

Contains only 1 or few ingredients

1 universal product for the desired result

2 or more products for the desired result and for the higher profit

Real customer feedbacks

Feedbacks only from paid celebrities

Sugar free

Gummy vitamins contain sugar

90 Day Challenge: Satisfaction guaranteed or money back

No Money Back

The First Hair Vitamin with BioPerine, which can increase nutrition absorption up to 30%

Weak nutrition absorption

20 science-backed ingredients

Contains only 1 or few ingredients

1 universal product for the desired result

2 or more products for the desired result and for the higher profit

Real Customer Feedbacks

Feedbacks only from paid celebrities

Sugar free

Gummy vitamins contain sugar

90 Day Challenge: Satisfaction guaranteed or money back

No Money Back



If you are pregnant, we do not recommend taking the Kristen Hair because of the high Vitamin A concentration. If you are breastfeeding you have to track the Vitamin B5 and B2 intake from other sources, because it can go into the baby with your breast milk. We recommend speaking with your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing to get approval for the vitamins. 
The place of origin: EU

More than a simple vitamin

Kristen Hair ALL IN ONE Hair Vitamin combines the favourite well know ingredients such as B vitamin complex, Biotin, Zinc with the newest resource to create one revved-up universal Hair vitamin. — Delivering up to 2-3x faster hair growth with only 2 capsules a day.

The First Hair Vitamin Containing BioPerine®

We are extremely proud to announce that we are the first Hair Vitamin, which contains BioPerine®.
BioPerine® is a patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum) standardized minimum to 95% Piperine.
Scientific resources proved, that BioPerine® can increase nutrition absorption up to 30%.

The Newest science-backed ingredients

L-cystine consists of two molecules of the proteinogenic amino acid L-cysteine. Keratin, which is a main component of hair and nails, has a share of 11% L-cystine. High amounts of the amino acid can also be found in the skin.

A major study conducted in Germany in 2000 has shown that a combination of Millet Extract, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and the amino acid L-Cysteine can bring hair growth back to within normal rates.

An excellent source of sulfur, which is an essential component of both collagen and keratin. Collagen keeps your skin supple, and keratin is one of the building blocks of healthy hair and nails.

When you include methionine in your diet, your body is able to manufacture keratin. Keratin is the main material of the hair shaft, one of the proteins that are essential for your appearance Methionine also helps to smooth your hair and give it more shine. Methionine helps your body to create new protein that makes your nails stronger and more resistant to breaking.

One of The richest natural source of silica. In addition to its hair benefits, silica also improves calcium assimilation in your body, which helps build stronger bones and teeth.

If you want to get rid of hair fall, consider Golden Millet as your ultimate remedy. It will boost hair growth and make your thick, long and strong. How? For healthy hair, it is important to get sufficient intake of protein. Golden Millet is rich protein, which helps you to strengthen your hair. In addition, Golden Millet also contains magnesium, silica acid and minerals which may help to reduce inflammation in the scalp and treat different scalp conditions like eczema and dandruff.

Our good old friends

Vitamin A is a powerful vitamin found in sweet potatoes, carrots and kale. This powerhouse contributes to the health of your skin and scalp by helping to promote your blood’s oxygen circulation. Increased oxygen circulation to the scalp helps to feed your scalp the vital nutrients your hair needs for longer and stronger hair.

Commonly known as a vitamin received from sun exposure, Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the health of your hair (and bones!). Vitamin D plays a key role in a process called hair-follicle cycling, which is basically the cycle your body goes through in order to grow your hair.

When it comes to the strength and growth of our hair, adequate dosage of Vitamin C is vital. Vitamin C helps build collagen and plays a necessary role in absorbing iron, which keeps our locks strong and healthy. Because Vitamin C is water-soluble our bodies don’t store it or accumulate too much of it in our systems, which is why daily intake is highly important in the health of our hair.

Biotin is one of the most important vitamins you can take to promote hair growth. Biotin supports the health of your scalp by producing fatty acids which in turn helps the health of your hair. A deficiency in essential fatty acids produces symptoms such as dry, scaly or flaky skin, dandruff, dry, brittle hair or eczema, all of which may lead to hair loss.

Proven to be effective in the treatment of alopecia (a common form of hair loss). Folic Acid is a fascinating vitamin that is crucial for your body to repair your DNA. This vitamin actively supports cell division so that your hair follicles can produce healthy hair. Reducing hair loss and preventing thinning is what Folic Acid does best! It is best to take Folic Acid with Vitamin B-12. Having a deficiency in one of these vitamins can cause excessive hair breakage or hair loss. To keep the balance, be sure to take both of these marvellous vitamins together!

Vitamin E helps to prevent and reverse hair loss thank to its ability to grow new blood vessels and increase circulation to the scalp. Topical vitamin E applied to the scalp may also help to regrow hair. It can also help with fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

More million people suffer from Iron deficiency, which can result hair loss. When hair follicles grow, they require a lot of iron. Women who regularly have heavy menstrual periods are at a high risk of becoming iron deficient. This makes iron deficiency one of the most common causes of hair loss among women.

Zinc is another essential vitamin for ensuring hair health and preventing hair loss (but it is also needed for other bodily functions including the ability to taste and smell). People who exercise frequently are particularly affected by loss of Zinc. This is why a Zinc supplement can be an important part of your daily intake.

The Vitamin B complex is a set of B vitamins that aid in cell nourishment, promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp and promote both healthy hair and skin (specifically on your scalp).

B5 Pantothenic Acid: Another part of the B vitamin complex. Keeps your hair follicles clear of debris (from dandruff) which encourages new hair growth.

Deficiency of this vitamin can harm your hair follicles and cause thinning. Maintaining proper levels of pantothenic acid can strengthen hair follicles and their associated cells, contributing to proper nourishment, function and growth.
Vitamin B12 gives an amazing boost to your hair growth by supporting your body’s energy process and helping to form red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for feeding oxygen to your scalp, which helps your hair to grow longer. People who take Vitamin B-12 notice an increase in energy and vitality. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in hair loss and premature graying. A surprising number of people are deficient in B12. Including enough vitamin C and iron in your diet will help your body absorb more B12.

What will I begin to notice?

Two Weeks
Hair and Skin begin to feel hydrated, fuller and revitalised. 

One Month
Hair begins to grow faster and hair condition continues to improve.

Two Months
Your hair will grow faster and faster. It will become stronger, fuller, and hair fall is reduced. 

Three Months
Hair condition stabilised and continues to grow at an optimum rate. There is no sign of breakage or hair fall.

The 100% No-Risk Promise

Order now with confidence!

Try the 3- or 6-month supply out and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!

There’s absolute no-risk in giving it a try. Just put Kristen Hair ALL IN ONE Hair Vitamin to the test. Order today, and you’ve still got 12 weeks to think about it. Decide when you’re ready. We will still give you a full 100% refund of every single penny.

You might think: “What if someone finishes the bottle, and still ask for a refund?” Yes, you’re right. We sure that happens. It’s okay with us. We give a full refund to any woman who asks. All feedback means a lot to us. It helps us make better products for you next time.

So you are the judge. Take only 2 capsules a day. If you decide you don’t like it, we’ll give you ALL your money back. Every last penny… even if you used it all. It’s absolutely risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose. That’s our 100% guaranteed risk-free trial. Try it today.

Discounted Product Bundles

Kristen Hair Vitamin 1 month

Kristen Hair Vitamins - 1 Month

£ 24
Kristen Hair Vitamin 3 month

Kristen Hair Vitamins - 3 Month

£ 59
  • Free shipping included

Kristen Hair Vitamins - 6 Month

£ 109
  • Free shipping included
Vitamin for longer stronger healthier hair and eyelash

About Us - How everything started?

We saw a gap on the hair care industry, where people are making the cheapest possible product for the most amount of profit or they create 2-3 different products to reach your goals instead of creating ONE, ultimate solution. We know that there was more to this business than that.

A lot of things go into making a quality product: pure, raw ingredient, consistency, regulation inspections.
We chose in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility that’s the GOLD standard quality control. That means that you can be assured that every time you buy a product – It is what you paid for.

Our goal is to manufacture products that get your results, that keep you coming back to Kristen Hair FOR LIFE. If a product doesn’t work for you that’s okay. We will take it back. We will help you find what will work. Our priority is to make sure, that you are happy and that you are getting the result that you desire to get.

Where Does the Name "Kristen" Come From?

The meaning of Kristen is: The girl that’s there for you, even when you’ve been through some rough times.

-The Kristen Hair Team

Frequently Asked Questions


Kristen Hair is a food supplement that complies with GMP* standards and is 100% drug-free. At this time, there are no clinically proven negative side effects of taking these vitamins.

*Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on its label.

We do not recommend taking the Kristen Hair vitamins if you are pregnant because of the high Vitamin A concentration. If you are breastfeeding you have to track the Vitamin B5 and B2 intake from other sources, because it can go into the baby with your breast milk.  We recommend speaking to your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing to get approval for the vitamins.

1.: Effectiveness: Always compare the ingredients of different products. Most of the time the most complex product is better. Don’t be fooled if a product is containing just a few extremely high components. Your body can’t absorb these high components and you just wasted your money.  The Kristen Hair ALL IN ONE Hair Vitamin contains 20 scientific backed ingredients + We are extremely proud to announce that we are the first Hair Vitamin, which contains BioPerine®. Scientific resources proved, that BioPerine® can increase nutrition absorption up to 30%.

2.: Real Customer feedbacks: Nowadays the brands like to ask famous celebrities, Instagram bloggers, influencers to take a picture with their product. This cooperation called sponsorship and the companies pay for the collaboration most of the time. Due to the paid collaboration, the authentication can decrease by these posts. Always check real customer feedbacks with pictures. If you find only feedbacks from celebrities, then be careful.

3.: Sugar-Free: Nowadays the gummy vitamins are extremely popular. Unfortunately, these vitamins contain sugar, which is not the best option in our overweight society.

4.: Money Back Guarantee: At Kristen Hair, our goal is to design, manufacture and bring to market the highest quality and most effective Hair Care products in the world. I know what your thinking – “Lots of companies say that” right? The difference is, we at Kristen Hair stand behind our mission. We want the best; these are the products we use every day and we love them! We believe you will too.

The answer is no. The vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients contained in our product only nourish the scalp, and therefore only promote hair growth on your head.
The Kristen Hair vitamins do not contain any hormones and will not affect the hair on the rest of your body or face.

At Kristen Hair we are committed to the highest standards, which is why we are proud of our products are made in GMP* certificated facilities.
* Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on its label.

Everybody’s hair growth journey is different and it completely depends on the style you want. However, taking Kristen Hair for a minimum of 3 months will give you optimum results so we recommend that this is the best time frame because this is when results really start to show.

Take 2 capsules per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. If you forget to take your daily dosage in the morning, no need to worry, take them any time throughout the day or whenever you remember. However, we do not recommend that you take more than two capsules per day.

(One bottle contains 60 capsules.)

Delivery & Payments

Delivery within the UK is 2-3 working days. The shipping is FREE over £35.  

All UK orders over £35 will receive free shipping. We encourage buying in multiples because it guarantees no breaks in your hair journey, allows us to offer you a greater discount on our products and shipping more products together helps to lower our company’s carbon footprint.

Yes! You can check out securely via Braintree with your credit card. Your credit card information is hidden from us.

Return policy

Kristen Hair strives to keep you totally fulfilled and satisfied, which is why we offer a money back guarantee. If you purchased 3 months or 6 months supply and you do not notice any improvement on your hair, remember you are protected by the highest standard 100% money-back guarantee. Just send back the product (even if the bottle/bag is empty) and we’ll refund you.
If inside 120 days of use, you are unhappy and would like a refund, here’s exactly what to do:

1. Take a photo of your hair before using our hair vitamin
2. Take a photo of your hair after completion of the bottle, along with a photo of the used product
3. Email our customer experience team ( with the above and tell us your concerns detailed. (Your concerns help us to provide better service next time.)
4. We will gladly provide you with our return address, so as not to waste any materials, and return instructions. This is an easy and effortless process.

Note: One people can live with the money back guarantee only once. 

It is your obligation to pay the return postage, and we do recommend you opt for tracking and confirmation numbers for verification and efficiency purposes. Please remember to submit your application within 120 days of receiving the product/s and that the photos have a valid date and time stamps.

We will refund your entire order, excluding shipping costs, as long as all bottles purchased are returned.

These guidelines were created to keep you satisfied, while at the same time ensuring we can continue to provide a quality product to other happy customers for years to come. Returning Kristen Hair Products without complying with our policy will, unfortunately, deem your transaction non-refundable.

After complying with the steps above, please allow adequate time for communication with credit and payment card companies and banks as you patiently await your refund. It may take up to two (2) billing cycles for the refund to appear on your statement.

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